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Tried and Tested for Eczema, skin problems & Arthritis

Reduces Skin Inflammation


Using Aru Borage Cream means your skin benefits from natures most potent anti inflammatory plant oil, to reduce itching.

A tried and tested formula for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Skin problems. 


Aru Borage Oil promotes the reduction of Arthritic conditions, easing pain and discomfort and reducing the need for painkiller medication.

Prevent the spread

Prevents skin problems spreading by gently neutralizing inflammation.

Benefits of Aru Cream & Aru Products

Potent Anti inflammatory

Using pure borage seed oil, Aru cream and oils anti inflammatory properties help to:

  • Reduce itchiness
  • strengthen and repair yours skins surface 
  • prevent skin conditions spreading
  • promote rapid healing

Aru uses the worlds richest source of GLA (gamma -linolenic-acid) found in our top grade borage oil. Your body can convert GLA into substances that reduce inflammation.

Anti Aging - Aru contains natures most potent anti aging source from borage oil.

Aru is a tried and tested formula for:

  • Dry & Sensitive Skin
  • Eczema
  • Dermitits
  • Roscea
  • Psoriasis
  • Nappy Rash

All Aru products are Safe for use on babies and children.

Aru Borage Oil is used to ease the discomfort and symptoms of 

Arthritis, Allergies like asthma and hay fever, cysts & growths, & improve libido.

Many recent studies have shown borage oil use to be an significantly effective supplement for arthritis. You can find more information about studies on our Facebook posts.

A Holistic Approach

Aru products understands well being and health to be dependent on a balance between, the mind body and spirit. 

Using the powerful holistic properties of plants, Aru provides you with an effective, natural and holistic remedy for your skin.



" The borage cream is amazing. When nothing else worked, that did. "

" This worked on my shingles a lot better than the stuff I got prescribed - and was a lot less uncomfortable to put on."

" A patient of mine has recently derived  considerable benefit from the use of Rosies cream.  She has had a long  standing irritant contact dermatitis and has not got on well with the  usual range of emollient creams.  She came across your product and  decided to try it out, and seems to have improved considerably." 
T P CUTLER MA MB BChir FRCP Consultant Dermatologist.

"Thank  you for your wonderful cream.  Your Borage cream has really helped my  babys eczema! She developed eczema when she was 4 months old.  We've  tried everything the doctor prescribed, but nothing really helped.  1-2  weeks after using your cream I noticed a difference in her skin!  Her  face has now completely cleared up, and she has now only got a little  bit of eczema on her neck elbows and knees.  She doesn't scratch half as  much as she used to.  She has been able to wear dresses, t-shirts and  shorts now the itching has calmed down.  A big THANK YOU from me, my  husband and Molly!"

"  I would just like to say thank you for all the help you have given us,  your cream has changed my sons life for the better and his eczema is so  well controlled, long many it continue."

I  have been using your cream for about a week now and am already noticing  a change in the skin condition.  My hands are not as red as they were  and not painful.  Here's hoping for continued progress." Margaret  

No Steriods

Aru borage cream is plant based and contains no steroids. Many people with skin problems are prescribed steroid creams, which although helpful in the short term, cause thinning of the skin and can make your flare ups more frequent. Aru can help you wean off steroid creams or even prevent the use of them altogether. This, however, must be done carefully to avoid adverse skin reactions. 

We offer the following advice to those currently using steroid creams:

Never abruptly stop steroid treatments, this can lead to severe skin reactions. 

You can, however, use Aru borage cream alongside your steroid cream prescription and gently decrease your steroid cream amount slowly over a number of weeks as you increase use of Aru borage cream.

Always consult your doctor.


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Aru's roots stem from Rosie's experience, learning about plant medicine from Tibetan medicine and Tibetan Lamas.

The medicinal qualities of borage is used to it's best potential, soothing and repairing troubled skin.

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