Babies & Children

Childhood Eczema

Having a child with skin issues can be very difficult and upsetting, at Aru we do everything we can to gently and holistically ease the suffering of babies and children with eczema. 

It's possible you have tried many different creams and lotions recommended by friends, family and parenting/eczema websites, yet none have worked very well so far. Your child may be kept awake by the itching, unable to wear certain clothes, eat certain foods and tirelessly scratch their skin. 


Aru's naturally based, anti-inflammatory qualities soothe and repair the skin without overwhelming your child's system. Rather than fighting against the skin thinning effects of steroid creams and ointments, their body's natural healing process can begin to work with the potent calming effect of the borage plant to repair and soothe the skin. 


By bathing your child in Aru bath foam and shampoo you will not only soothe your child's' skin but begin to repair it also. Doing this every day, particularly before bedtime can really help to ease the intense itching that may keep your child awake.  Applying the Aru cream after bathing and throughout the day as many times as required will further speed up the repairing process. The Aru cream can initially cause children's skin to become redder, however, this is part of the healing process and the skin redness returns to normal fairly quickly.  


Children and babies suffering from eczema outbreaks, where the child's skin is already inflamed and sore often have zero tolerance for any bleaching agents or harsh chemicals coming into contact with it through washing detergents or cleaning fluids. 

Many recommended detergents and cleaning agents still contain milder optical brighteners and bleach agents that are too harsh for babies and children with sensitive, eczema prone skin. Checking your washing detergent ingredients and using bleach free detergents can prevent prolonged outbreaks. 

 In our experience children and babies with eczema can not tolerate products containing any amount of:

  • optical brighteners
  • Oxygen activated bleach agents/any bleach agents

To get started check your washing detergent ingredients and stop using any detergents with these brightening agents. Remove any sheets, bedding and clothing washed with the detergent ready to wash right away with a bleach free alternative, BIO-D wash powder is very good as it contains no bleaching agents or optical brighteners. If you cant get it right away put the items on a wash without any detergent and use a double rinse if possible. This will include the households clothing and bedding, in-case your child comes into contact with other beds and household members clothing . 

Ensure the same for cleaning products, ensure no ingredients contain bleach or other skin irritants and if they do, you got it! - stop using them around the home and replace with skin friendly products.

Leaving out this part of the process means your child's skin may continue to struggle to cope with even the mildest bleaching agents contacting their skin and continue to have breakouts. 

By following this process and removing all optical brighteners and bleaches from clothing, bedding and the household, combined with using ARU Shampoo & Bath Foam you are preparing the best environment for skin recovery and can more confidently treat their skin with the Aru products . 

Nappy Rash

Aru borage cream is the perfect way to naturally soothe and treat mild to severe nappy rash and can applied at every nappy change without thinning the skin.

Cradle Cap

Aru Shampoo and Bath Foam are ideal natural treatments for cradle cap, clearing and soothing the scalp.


"Thank  you for your wonderful cream.  Your Borage cream has really helped my  babys eczema! She developed eczema when she was 4 months old.  We've  tried everything the doctor prescribed, but nothing really helped.  1-2  weeks after using your cream I noticed a difference in her skin!  Her  face has now completely cleared up, and she has now only got a little  bit of eczema on her neck elbows and knees.  She doesn't scratch half as  much as she used to.  She has been able to wear dresses, t-shirts and  shorts now the itching has calmed down.  A big THANK YOU from me, my  husband and Molly!"