Babies & Children

Childhood Eczema

Aru borage cream and borage products can be safely used to reduce the inflammation in childhood eczema.

Many customers tell us the cream and bath foam are enough to pacify their babies skin after months or even years of  discomfort.

Nappy Rash

Aru borage cream is the perfect way to naturally soothe and treat mild to severe nappy rash and can applied at every nappy change without thinning the skin.

Cradle Cap

Aru Shampoo and Bath Foam are ideal natural treatments for cradle cap, clearing and soothing the scalp.


"Thank  you for your wonderful cream.  Your Borage cream has really helped my  babys eczema! She developed eczema when she was 4 months old.  We've  tried everything the doctor prescribed, but nothing really helped.  1-2  weeks after using your cream I noticed a difference in her skin!  Her  face has now completely cleared up, and she has now only got a little  bit of eczema on her neck elbows and knees.  She doesn't scratch half as  much as she used to.  She has been able to wear dresses, t-shirts and  shorts now the itching has calmed down.  A big THANK YOU from me, my  husband and Molly!"